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eLectronic informed consent process


Looking for a way to digitize the Informed Consent process? eConsent by EvidentIQ provides you with all the tools you need! Online screening forms, eConsultation (integrated video call), eSignature and much more!

Ensure better patient comprehension, achieve higher participation rates and decrease dropout rates in clinical trials. Request a demo today!


  • Benefit from an intuitive end-to-end platform
  • Offer your patients a better experience
  • Achieve higher participation rates
  • Decrease dropout rates
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce audit risk



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Meet your patients online in a tailored digital environment.


Unique Live Informed Consent with the study personnel.


Leverage EvidentIQs Patient Community to automate EDC enrollment. (500,000 members based in Europe and the US) 

Full Control

Patient details can be seen during the consultation and study personnel can share all media interactively.


21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, GDPR


Via screen or code

Benefits of using eConsent

Better patient experience

  • Patients can consent from home (no need to move to the site)
  • Intuitive interface and workflow
  • Media files to enhance participant comprehension
  • Staff can focus on patient’s questions and concerns

Intuitive end-to-end platform

  • Digitized screening form
  • Online appointment booking
  • eConsultation & interactive multimedia (graphs, images, videos...)
  • eSignature
  • EDC integration

Save time and money

  • Increase patient participation rates & decrease dropout rates
  • Reduce site work & burden
  • Accelerate your clinical trial

Reduce audit risks

  • Avoid paper form errors
  • Benefit from an enhanced regulatory compliance (21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA & GDPR)
  • Ensure correct ICF version

A word from EvidentIQ CEO

"For too long, obtaining the patient informed consent has been a turdle for clinical trials: patients living too far from the site for in-person meetings, paper forms that are sources of error and an administrative hassle...

With eConsent by EvidentIQ, we've digitized the entire Informed Consent process to make your life easier and improve the patient experience by meeting them online in a tailored digital environment."

Andreas Weber
CEO, EvidentIQ

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