Secure Video Chat App for Clinical Researchers and their Patients



 Meet Marvin Direct


Fully GDPR-compliant,
secure, end-to-end encrypted communication


Central administration portal to define roles and permissions for users, investigators and patients


Easy-to-use app for iOS and Android devices


Discover the most convenient communication platform for your clinical trials.

 Once registered, you can get started right away. This is how it works:

  1. Contact our Support team
  2. Create accounts for your investigators, and study site staff.
  3. Site staff set up patient accounts. Patients can now download the app

Back-End Portal To Manage App Users, Contact and their rights

With one of our  CRO accounts you get access to our powerful administration back-end.  It provides you a fine-grained permission framework to define roles and access rights, thus enabling on-site staff to securely interact with their patients over mobile devices to gather the data they need.


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Since 2002 XClinical has delivered software and services to accelerate clinical trials worldwide. Our flagship EDC product Marvin is used in more than 65 countries worldwide. Marvin Direct is the newest member of the XClinical family of products.


Easy to use

Learn how easy it is to customize the back end of Marvin Direct. To empower your site staff e.g. study nurses and investigators, tools have to be easy-to-use and safe. Marvin Direct is just that: an intuitive communication platform, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Covid-19: a new situation demands new technology

COVID-19 has a massive impact on clinical trials and trial participants. Investigators and study nurses are struggling with the best way to connect with their patients since meeting face-to-face has become impracticable. Alternative communication such as email, phone or video conferencing fail to meet stringent privacy and documentation standards. Marvin Direct fills the gap.


Highly flexible rights management

A granular rights management is key to meet regulatory standards. Only assigned users may access the administration console where permission profiles for patients are created. Investigators and study nurses may setup closed user groups defining exactly which patients interact with their site. Documentation of any exchange, either by chat, voice or video can be exported to ensure 21 CRF Part 11 compliant audit trail.


GDPR Compliance: end-to-end encryption, full identity protection

Fine-grained permission framework for users, profiles and group settings incl. encryption, decentralized storage, identity protection and more.


Fast information for trial participants through centralized push notifications

Using Marvin Direct investigators and research staff can send centralized push notifications to all trial participants using the app.


Find out how the security of your data is being protected and how you may set up accounts for your investigators.


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